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How to Apply for Golden Visa in Greece without entering Greece


1- It is now possible to apply for the Greek Golden Visa without entering Greece, through a Power of Attorney.

2- The payment of the price of the property may be effected also by the spouse and/ or relatives up to the second degree of the purchaser (e.g. the parents may pay the purchase price for the property). The payment may also be effected by using a credit or debit card.

3- Additional authorities have been appointed for the filing of the application for residence permit for investors in real estate, in order to ensure a speedy process.

The Golden Visa Program is available to the following investors:

• Owners of real estate property in Greece

• Investors in securities or bank deposit in Greece

• Persons having entered into a timeshare agreement or a lease for hotel accommodations or furnished touristic residences in a combined tourist facility in Greece

Benefits provided by the Golden Visa prοgram:

√ Greek residence permit valid for 5 years, renewable.

√ Residence permit for family members, including children up to 21 years old and parents of the applicant and his/ her spouse.

√ No residency requirements, i.e. the applicant and family members are not required to stay in Greece for any minimum amount of time.

√ Visa- free travel to all Schengen member states, for durations up to 90 days per 6-month periods.

√ Fast track procedure for obtaining the residence permit.

√ Investment in real estate in Greece, which may be leased and provide rental income or in summer residence or tourist facility.

√ The minimum investment in real estate is only 250 000 euros, one of the lowest in Europe.

√ Possibility to reside in Greece permanently for the duration of the residence permit, which may be renewed for as long as the criteria are fulfilled, and to have access to public health and education, in the same terms and conditions as Greek citizens